I'm Louis-Pierre Fortin

Mechanical Engineer

Prototype Design | Composites Manufacturing Processes | Aircraft Ground Testing

Hello, My Name is Louis.

Louis-Pierre Fortin, 29 years old, born and raised near Quebec City, Canada. Highly motivated by challenges and having an impact on people.

I currently work at Google, where I'm part of a team of elite engineers prototyping the future. I'm passionate about bringing new technologies to the public in a "wow" manner.

The best part of my job is to use prototyping creativity to bring crazy ideas to life. A typical project starts by brainstorming cutting edge designs to solve critical world problems. Then, going through multiple phases of prototyping using fast tools (laser cutters, 3D printers, waterjet), high precision machining or large production style manufacturing processes.

My main skill is extreme resourcefulness; Such as making a turbine engine while lost in a forest or designing a talking robot out of a broken microwave using a screw driver and a rock.

Contact Details

  • Louis-Pierre Fortin
  • California, USA
  • www.lfortin.com
  • louispierre.fortin@gmail.com

Some of my Work

Most of my current work is protected by strong IP agreements. Here is some past samples:

Single Piece Infused Composites Wheel

Fully Custom Quadcopter

Full Racecar CFD

Racecar Carbon Body

Racecar Carbon Body

Carbon Resin Infusion

Motorcycle Detail Modeling

Prototyping Competition

My Resume

My Education


University of British Columbia - Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

-Electives in Aircraft Design: Structures, Materials, CNC, Fluid Dynamics

-Leadership Award 2011-2015

2017 - NOW

Stanford University - Business Certificate

Certificate in Bussiness : Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2009 - 2011

Dawson College - Mechanical Engineering Technology

-Pure and Applied Sciences Diploma

-Outstanding Student Award 2008/2009

Work Experience

2015 - Now

Mechanical Engineer - Google

- Special Projects

o Plan, execute and analyse aircraft ground tests

o Design and manage full assembly testing of a wing using a hydraulic whiffle tree

o Creative design components of an aircraft prototype

o Worked with hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics to design tests apparatus


Mechanical Engineering Intern - Bombardier

o Established a bolt corrosion test implemented on New-York, Toronto and San Francisco transit systems

o Project Management at different North American manufacturing sites

o Reduced supervisor workload by 25% (Excel VBA task optimisation)


Mechanical Engineering Intern - Simard Suspensions

o Design adjustments on a patented heavy truck suspension system (Twin steer) increasing truck load capacity by 30%
o Quality control on electro-pneumatic systems

o Design of sheet metal components

2004 - 2011

Mechanic - Garage Fortin

o Analysis and diagnosis of automobile systems such as: Engine, Powertrain, Suspension

o MIG, TIG & oxy-acetylene welding

o Deep understanding of complex automobile mechanisms


My main skill is extreme resourcefulness


- Composites manufacturing processes

- Nondestructive testing: Ultrasonic, Digital Image Correlation

- Design of carbon fiber parts

- Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems


- Aircraft testing instrumentations: strain gauges, IMU, DAQ

- PCB board design

- Selection of sensors and microcontrollers

- Communication protocols: I2C, USB, ISP

Softwares / Programming

- Modeling softwares: Solidworks, NX

- C/C++


- FEA & CFD softwares: ANSYS, NX


- Prototyping tools: waterjet cutter, laser cutter, 3D printer

- CNC router et mill

- Manual machining: mill, lathe ++

- 10+ years of hands-on experience

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